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- Get exposure to our entire 1M+ following
- FREE monthly Trendy products
- FREE GIFT CARD (Up to $500) in exchange for quality content (Videos, photos)
- GET PAID cash for sharing your content
15% commission rates. Paid in USD
15% VIP discount for all your followers
30 days Cookies, you never lose a sale
Extensive retargeting paid by
Industry-leading conversion rate due to competitive prices, optimized
listings and outstanding customer service

By becoming an affiliate, influencer or ambassador you agree to our modeling agreement below:


MODELLING AGREEMENT BETWEEN: DEALEAZ INC. (hereinafter called the “Company”) AND: MODEL (hereinafter called the “Model”) CONSIDERATION For good and valuable consideration, such as money, prints, digital files etc., the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged by the Model, the Model hereto agree as follows:

1. DESCRIPTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOS This Modelling Agreement applies to any and all photographs, videos, negatives, prints, digital files, on any medium whatsoever taken by the Photographer of the company Model and/or all the Model's property that may be contained in the Photographs/videos, and to any and all reproductions of such photographs/videos (collectively the “Photographs and videos”), taken during the “Model’s” employment with the “Company”, starting on the date of signature. And concerns only and all pictures using the “Company's” products.

2. USE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOS The Model hereby irrevocably consents to and authorizes (the “Authorization”) the use of the Photographs/videos by the Company and any of the Company's authorized representatives, licensees, successors, and assigns for any purpose whatsoever including, but without being limited to, the sale, reproduction in all media, publication, display, broadcast and exhibition for promotion, advertising, trade, art or illustration. The Model specifically acknowledges and agrees that the Authorization is irrevocable, perpetual, and shall survive this Agreement, as the case may be. The Model acknowledges and accepts that the Photographs/videos may be used at any time, without notice and without further compensation to the Model. The Model agrees to request the Company’s permission before publishing or allowing a third party to publish any images/videos taken by the Company. When and if an image/videos is used, the Company’s watermark must be visible on the uncropped photograph/videos and a photo/videos credit must appear with the image/videos. The image(s)/videos cannot be given to a third party such as a competitive organization, sponsor, product manufacturer, or service provider, nor can it/they be used to promote a third party’s brand without the photographer’s knowledge and/or consent and/or compensation. This applies to packaging, magazines, posters, or any other form of media, including but not limited to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, or personal and public websites and/or blogs.

3. OWNERSHIP AND RIGHTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOS The Model agrees that the Photographs/videos, the copyright in the Photographs/videos and all other rights in the Photographs, /videos, copies, reproductions, and/or modified or altered versions of the Photographs are the sole property of the Company. The Model agrees that the Company may protect or dispose of the copyright, or authorize, license, or alienate the use of any or all such rights in any manner whatsoever. Model can use certain authorized pictures for her modelling portfolio, model cannot sell the pictures/videos to a third party.

4. RELEASE OF COMPANY FROM LIABILITY The Model releases the Company, the Company’s authorized representatives, licensees, successors, assigns, and any other person(s) entitled under this Agreement to use the Photographs/videos, from any and all damages and liability whatsoever from any and all causes of action, including but without being limited to libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, that may result from the production, use, and/or subsequent modification of the Photographs/videos. The Model warrants having the requisite authority to enter into this Modelling Agreement. The Model acknowledges having read the entire Modelling Agreement, and having understood the nature and scope of the terms of this Modelling Agreement before having executed same. The Model specifically acknowledges either having consulted with the Model’s counsel, or having been given sufficient time to do so had the Model so chosen.

5. GOVERNING LAW This Modelling Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec, and any dispute whatsoever arising from this Modelling Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Quebec. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Model have executed this Modelling Agreement.